Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About 10 tips of quilting

Whether you are a novice or expert, you might be looking for quilting tips. We are here to share expert’s quilt experience which they earned by lifetime quilting. Some of our favorites are given below.

  1. Leave your own mark at your own quilt :

    Leave a mark of your own at your quilting product. It helps to identify your own quilting material among many products. Sometimes it gives extra satisfaction which helps to concentrate your next quilting project.

    amazing quilt

  2. Mark your own squares before quilt :

    Cut triangles outside of the squares instead of cutting individual triangle. It gives much better efficiency and accuracy. You can get two triangles from a square!square quilt

  3. Instead of pining use water-soluble glue :

    Use glue instead of pining clothes. Pining is both unreliable and time-consuming. By using water-soluble glue is more efficient and by using it you can speed up your quilt. After finishing your quilt just wash it and it will go!

  4. To bind your edges to apply bias strips :

    If you have lots of curve in your quilt and if you don’t want metered corners cutting some bias strips will help you to bind edges and it will also help your needle for grabbing the fabric. By doing these your edges will look cleaner.

  5. Use rotary cutter instead of scissors :rotary cutter

    Use a rotary cutter for the faster quilt. Scissors are not a reliable cutting tool for fabric.

  6. Give a try to Strip quilting :

    Feeling spontaneous? Give a try to strip quilting. The main thing about strip quilting it doesn’t need any pattern. For creating landscape somber effects it the best way.

    Strip quilting

  7. Spinning intersections :

    If you swing four patch squares the fabric might be bulky. To solve this make a spinning intersection. Fold up the thread in the middle seam of the square. Press to rotate the seams around the square in the same direction.

  8. Use chalk for marking :

    There is no doubt that chalk is the most reliable tool for marking a fabric. It is reliable because you can’t find any mark of chalk after washing the fabric and it is to clear and helps you to quilt efficiently. You can use colorful chalk for a better view. Especially if you want to do more detail you should use chalk.

  9. Use foot peddles for your quilting machine :

    By using foot peddle you can swing much faster. And it also has you to give better efficiency and accuracy.

  10. Do your best :

    It doesn’t matter how hard your quilt is! Do your best. Sometimes it might be going wrong. Nothing to worry! Or don’t give up there. You should always remember that nobody is perfect.


That’s all for now. Happy quilting!


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