BeccaBeing a sewist, I began a journey into quilting having no idea where it would take me. I’ve been blessed to do something that I love and have it appreciated by a larger world.

Having my work published by McCall’s, Quilt, Quiltmaker and Fon’s & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazines has been an unexpected thrill . I am honored to contribute and have my work add to the legacy of quilt making in America. I discovered that I loved sewing when my mother taught me embroidery at the age of 10, and after taking a Home Economics course in high school.

I now know the love of sewing has been passed on to me by my maternal grandmother. I’m a third generation sewist and my daughter Jenn is now the fourth!Jenn

Artist’s Statement:

The process of making a quilt provides a creative outlet which brings me to new places of learning and feeds my soul. While on this wonderful journey of creating with fabric, I strive to be true to and unique in my work and innately hold myself to a high standard for the quality of my work.

Quilts can be utilitarian, commemorate an event such as a birth, death, wedding, etc. or purely for artistic enjoyment; and quilts provide us with beauty, warmth and a glimpse into history.

When asked how long it takes me to make a quilt, I have to say, “all my life”, because truly everything I’ve done up to that point has brought me to the level of expertise needed to make that quilt.

I began sewing at the age of 10 and am glad all these years later for the journey that has brought me where I am today! My daughter Jenn has created this site with much love and patience, listening carefully to what I’d like and then making it happen beautifully! I have to say we’ve had each other “in stitches” at times too!

Her artistic eye is invaluable and, with no formal training, has the ability to intuitively lay out a cohesive and appealing design!

While working closely with her, she’s taught me web design making it possible for me to create & design which has allowed me to give a fresh new look to our site. As time goes by, more items of interest will be added including some of Jenn’s own designs! Stop back to see what’s new!

We hope you enjoy your visit here at Willow Hill Designs!

Becca & Jenn